How Everything Started

In the age of eleven – The Beatles had just got popular with "She loves you" and "I want to hold you hand" – Larry discovered his passion for playing the guitar. After he bought his first electric guitar he had no money left for an adequate amp. After acquiring some basic knowledge, he modified a tube radio, another one for a friend and another one for the new band member, etc. He realized very quickly that he was not given the necessary talent to start a career as a guitar hero. Not being the most gifted guitar player, he was asked if he couldn't play the bass. There was no fun in being an average player, as a consequence he sold all his equipment at the age of 17. He used all the money as a down payment for his first motorbike. His passion made his Hondas, Kawasakis and Yamahas not only the fastest but also the best sounding ones! While getting more older his passion took over cars. First target: the engines. Powerful, hot and always with a characteristic sound. 15 years had past since he sold his electric six string and having finished a real hot trip with his girlfriend, he entered a smoky rock club.... and met his old band members, After a short talk, Larry was invited to join the band's rehearsal. The next evening again he was infected by this dangerous guitar virus you know for certain. Shortly after jamming with the band for a while, he was back in the game. Two days later he bought an Ibanez Les Paul and an Orange OD120 including a 4X12“ cabinet. Perfect for the upcoming jam session. What followed was a Fender SF Vibrolux, a 50W Marshall head and finally a Plexi 12xxx series (at this time quite cheap). After a short while Larry wasn't satisfied with his guitar sound anymore. Today he knows what he didn't want to realize at this time: It was not the amps problem but his playing that suffered. Nevertheless he started modifying his amps. Soon his guitar sound was adored , envied, desired.... Larry was asked to do the refining to other musicians amps and after a few months he offered his work on a commercial basis. After modding Boogies, Fenders, Marshalls, etc. it turned out that Marshalls were his favourites. He offered all kinds of modifications and variations were growing. From one channel up to three channels in discrete circuit, serial/parallel and switchable loops, etc. By the way, in 1992 Metallica's Kirk Hammet bought such a modified Marshall head. After two minutes testing time he just formed two words: "How much?" His products were still modified Marshalls even after replacing the whole stock circuitry and only leaving the PT and OT. It was always pretty much annoying that not all modifications met Larry's requirements. As just mentioned the original PT and OT limited the sound, so did the pots, tube sockets and their given positions. As a consequence it was only a short step towards his first self designed amp, the DINO!