British Purist

What is a British Purist? Maybe you have already read Larry's bio (if not, read it now), even though you will agree that it was imperative to include 2 of the most desirable amplifiers that affected that last 40 years of rock history – a '67 Marshall Super Lead and a 2203. Is this British? Yes, pretty much! What about the Purist? This amp concentrates on sound – pure and nothing else! Every single component was chosen for only one single reason, to deliver the best possible pure sound. What you will hear once you step out of the standby mode is simply nothing! Playing your guitar there is nothing but sound.
Pure also means that there are no needless switches, pots, etc.

The development of British Purist's circuit took a couple of years and ended in perfection.
Here are the details. The British Purist is a two channel switching amp. Let's start with channel one, it is called CLASSIC.  It uses a shared cathode circuitry to get its classic sound. It is impossible to describe how this channel feels, but it takes you days to get rid off this big fat grin in your face. Promised! Most people who played the Classic channel are not interested in the other one. They tried so much, searched so long – congratulations they just arrived - done.

For those who want or need more gain, there is the other channel, Larry named it ROUGH.
The Rough channel continues where the Classic channel ends gainwise. It is possible to dial in the Rough channel having nearly the same sound as the Classic channel and then dose gain to your own taste. Nearly all 2203 users use one or more stompboxes to kick gain. All of those stompboxes are noisy tonesuckers, even the most exclusive boutique pedals. As a logical consequence Larry put a foot-switchable tube driven BOOSTER directly into the British Purist. It will take you directly into gain heaven. But beware this amp preserves its dynamics and mediocre players will not be able to hide behind tons of compression. It reveals the quality of your guitar without mercy.

It is possible to do your job without a FX loop in the studio, on stage it is probably not.
You want to add your effects to your sound without killing it. Having only one target – pure sound – Larry couldn't add a standard loop. So he started to develop his own patented loop.
The first really working none tone sucking loop in a non MV amp. You can pull the loop driver tube – it will not affect the signal, only the FX will drop out. The loop accepts both stompboxes or rack equipment. The send and return level controls operating in a wide sensitivity range.

Now you have some British Purist background – but you have to experience it yourself.