The first version of the DINO debuted in 1992. The current version 939 is still close to the first design concept. Why is the DINO called DINO? No species walked on earth as long as the dinosaurs. This amplifier will also stand the test of time. Pretty bold statement, but after trying one for yourself you will agree.

Who is it for? It's the ultimate weapon for experienced players needing a versatile amp delivering at clean, low-gain and soaring high gain settings. Beefed up with the most usable add-ons a player could ask for. Think of it as a Swiss army knife taken to 11!

The DINO follows its very own concept – a California clean/crunch sound, a British crunch/lead sound and a modern Larry style lead sound, the Scream sound.

Let's start with the left channel. It has 2 foot switchable modes – a crystal clean and a SRV mode. Makes sense! And if you had a chance to feel a DINO in SRV mode – you wouldn't believe that it is EL34 loaded!

The British and Scream Channel share one common EQ section but due to individual tone shaping filter circuitry assigned to each channel, it is easy to create completely different soundscapes respectively on the British and the Scream channel.

The British channel offers two switchable sound modes named "British Crunch" and "British Hot Rod". You have the choice between moderate crunch and the sound of a Marshall on steroids.
Need more gain? Enter the Scream channel! Scoop the EQ and you have a wrecking ball. DINO939
Lowered punch, pumping mids and blistering heights. Now every kind of metal and rock is your game. But that's only one side, change form the scooped EQ setting cut out the tremendous low end, and put in some extra mids and you will experience super sweet lead lines that make even a Mark I blush!

The amp is also loaded with some useful features that make life as a touring pro easier. Apart form the alternatively serial or parallel useable FX loop and the dual pre-gain filter modules on the OD channels mentioned above we may include a tuner out combined with an amp mute switch for silent tuning for an additional charge. Due to on the tuner output there's buffered guitar level present, you even might use this feature as an included A/B box to switch between your DINO and another amp w/o removing the guitar cord from the DINO's input!

There is more: the concept of switchable master volumes is taken one step further by offering a master pedal out: now you can control your amps volume by using a conventional volume pedal with the signal never leaving the amp and the volume pedal working like external controller – and to obtain this, it requires ONLY ONE guitar cord. Want to control you overall FX level? For an additional charge the same feature is available for controlling the FX level using a simple volume controller – and again, it requires the need of ONLY ONE guitar cord.
Feel it!