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User: Jon Schaffer
Band: Iced Earth
Date: June 2007

“My first experience with Larry goes all the way back to around 1992. I received a call from the studio manager at Morrisound. He told me a guy from Germany called and heard the band on the radio and wanted to build an amp for me. I was very interested in what this guy had in mind for my sound.
When we were on tour in Europe to promote the “Night of the Stormrider” CD we met in Nuremburg, Germany. I went to Larry’s house and we instantly hit it off, even with our language barriers we were able to communicate to each other, and it was on that day that my guitar sound was born. It was the sound that I had been trying to achieve for years. It’s just one more reason that I believe everything happens for a reason. It was as if Larry heard the band on the radio and instinctively knew that he was the one to help achieve the right sound for my playing style. From that day at Larry’s house all those years ago ‘til now, I’ve never played another amp that truly works for my style of playing. I’m completely spoiled by Larry amps and will play them for the rest of my life. They are an integral part of the Iced Earth sound and have been for nearly 15 years. From Burnt Offerings until present day, it’s been my main guitar amp on every studio album.Jon Schaffer - Iced Earth

I was always struggling with tones in the studio. Because of the percussive nature of my playing style it was very difficult to find an amp that would respond in a tight and focused way, and still retain it’s punch and clarity, and most importantly still be overdriven and heavy as hell. All of these elements along with a very musical harmonic structure is what a Larry amp is all about, especially the circuit that he designed for me.
But that is what makes Larry Grohmann the best amp builder in the world, in my opinion.

He will develop an amp for YOU. If you have a sound in your head and a playing style that’s your own Larry will make it a reality. I’ve played hundreds of different amps over the years, and while there are a few that I enjoy for a specific part or an effect difference in the studio,the Larry amp will always be the main weapon of choice in my arsenal.

Jon Schaffer - Iced Earth There was a time that people used “British” and “American” as a way to describe their guitar tone.
In recent years the awareness of the “German” sound started spreading around the world marketplace.

As far as I am concerned, and based on my own personal experiences, Larry Grohmann is the reason that this is happening. Though he has remained a small boutique amp builder there are many bigger companies that have been trying to copy his masterpieces for several years now, and they always fall short.

If you’re looking for THE amp for YOU, then look no further. Larry’s amps are not cheap, they are built from the finest components that money can buy. If you buy an amp from Larry, it will likely be the amp that you will play for the rest of your life

He is the Godfather of tone! He is a wonderful human being! He’s my friend and I love him like a brother!”

Good Luck to you Brother!

Jon Schaffer