Larry's philosophy is actually quite simple: Do what you are best at and do it without any compromises. The product must correspond solely to your ideas and not just follow today’s trends.

Such an attitude has different consequences. While other manufacturers build lots of different amps (which, when it comes down to it, are basically just clones of one another) Larry focuses his efforts on two distinct models: a vintage-oriented and modern one. Oscar Wilde’s citation fits perfectly: „I have but the simplest taste - I am always satisfied with the best."

Being an uncompromising perfectionist that he is, it is impossible for Larry to envision using a component that doesn't satisfy him 110%. Even if Larry finds himself in the situation with components in stock, he never compromises his quality standards.  For example, Larry feels that the current state of tubes are neither high-grade quality nor do they produce the wanted sound. Larry is always looking for N.O.S. tubes that meet his quality standards. While Larry’s process is very expensive and a time consuming, it increases the price of the amplifiers but he is not serving a mass market. This kind of selection process is done with all components.

What applies to the selection of components has also to apply to the making of the products. The amps are not built on a PCB board but, instead, they are hand wired only. A well designed PCB board has a good durability but there is at no doubt that a well done PTP assembly is at least a bit better.

Which one would you rely on?

The amps should also look good and special. It was impossible to put them into a standard case, especially not the British Purist! Larry packed them in a way that they are breathtaking even before you have heard a single tone. It starts with the colour – what else than British racing green could it be for the British Purist? A 20 mm thick plexiglass front that unveils the beauty of the amps chassis and tubes. It finally ends with case radiuses that drives the supplier mad. The tools therefore were hard to get.

But there is still more. The concept behind the British Purist FX loop is as innovative as the whole circuit design is! It is not only putting perfect someone else’s idea, but to push it into the next dimension. There are some really good Marshall replicas around, but there is not a single one that delivers as the British Purist does. A few manufacturers build really good modern amps but there is none that hat such an uncompromising design as DINO 939 has.